Saffron Ceremonies Welcome your child to your family surrounded by love and joy

A naming ceremony is a beautiful occasion

Gathering your loved ones to join together in welcoming your new arrival and pledging your love and commitment to them. Unlike a traditional christening which is restricted in what it can involve, your naming ceremony can be delivered wherever you wish and include whatever you like. My naming ceremonies could take place after the excitement of a birth, a cherished adoption or the happy blending of two families into one. They are perfect for anyone from any culture, faith or background looking to create an occasion which is totally personalised to them and their family's circumstances.

At Saffron Ceremonies, family is extremely important to me and i absolutely love children!

I will design a naming ceremony full of love and hope, whether it's a small and intimate gathering of your closest family or a larger, fun-filled party. There is nothing more significant or magical than the start of a new life, and you can rest assured that I will capture the tone you are after.
If you wish, you can write personal promises, choose special guide parents, include symbolic rituals, poetry, music and blessings...anything goes. I love hearing your ideas and have plenty of my own, so together we can create a truly memorable occasion.

Why Choose me?

Booking a naming ceremony with Saffron Ceremonies ensures that your occasion will be family-centred and full of love, laughter and emotion. I will meet with you, get to know you and learn what your hopes and wishes for the day are, which you can trust I will deliver. I will strive to make your family's special day a deeply significant one.

A ceremony with me...

Some ideas you could include:

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    writing your own personal promises to your child(ren)

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    appointing guide parents who also write their own commitments

  • saffron-star

    asking your guests to recite a blessing in unison

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    planting a tree to grow and flourish alongside your child(ren)

  • saffron-star

    partaking in a symbolic ritual such as a sand ceremony or lighting candles

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    asking your guests to write your child(ren) messages in a memory book for them to read in the future

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    gifting your child(ren) a piece of jewellery such as a bangle, to signify your neverending love

  • saffron-star

    friends writing or performing poems or music

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    ask your guests to contribute to a piece of artwork that can be kept as a precious keepsake

  • saffron-star name just a few!

i love hearing new ideas too so look forward to hearing from you.

Price from £350